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DESKBOT: It is communicating with your computer through bluetooth to accomplish various tasks. Also, the robot is able to organize your items on your desk in a virtual grid to keep your desk clean.

NIGHT VISION GOGGLES: The working principle is simple, it uses IR lighting, which can't be seen by naked eye, but can be seen with an IR sensitive camera. The camera projects the image to the video glasses and the result is being able to see even in complete darkness.

VACUUMINATOR, Vacuum Cleaner Robot: Vacuum mechanism is from an handheld small vacuum cleaner, the casing is from a big rowenta vacuum cleaner, it will have 2 heavy duty gear motor and the A.I. will be written with arduino.

JEFFREY THE QUADRUPED: Jeffrey is a really small quadruped robot, which is actually a pre-research for our next hexapod project. It is built in 1 night (hell yeah \m/). We have added sound effects, blinking green eyes and a few random animation to the robot. Plus now the robot is powered by a lithium polymer battery, instead of 4 AAA + 1 9V battery, which decreases its weight and allows it to move faster.

SEBASTIAN 3000: Haven't you ever wanted to have a robot servant? Serving around sandwiches and cookies at your cool parties? Yes, I know you did. And here he is! Sebastian 3000, your immortal non sleeping servant that will cheer up every party you throw, or will kill you in your sleep with his ultimate mustache of destruction if you forget turning it off.


Tolga Özuygur, Cem Uzunoğlu

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