Passing Through The Glass | Chalayan/Mavi Collection

performance video


This is a commercial video mapping installation as an artwork which is co-produced with all participants. Well-known British/Turkish Cypriot artist and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan and famous denim company Mavi have been collaborating for this amazing and sexy and skinny pants and dresses collection.

Nerdworking is commisioned by Mavi to represent their collection in a different way, unlike standart catwalk or runway fashion shows. In collaboration between nerdworknig, tin (architecture), Hipo (stage design), Bench Studio (video production), we proudly present this experimental holographic video mapping installation.


Producer: nerdworking
Scenography: nerdworking & Tin & Hipo
Director: Bench Studio - Mete Yafet
Sound Design: Tufan Demir
Documentation: Cansu Turan, Gökhan Tekin
Model: Kajsa Mohammar

..: Components & Equipments :..

9 Units 105x270 cm. holographic folio covered glasses
3 Units Christie 20K projectors
3 Units Di-ventix mixer switchers
Lots of friend, good customer, qualified designs and hours of processes.
Special thanks to all the friends from Mavi, P-Blok and whiskey.