Lazer Mesh Cut | A Spy Experience

performance video


Flexibility, concentration, speed and thrill. Being in an agent/ spy movie's indispensable Laser Room caused all these actions. We've actualised the space where the agents passes through the lasers to reach the precious goal at the end of the room !

We've set a 7.3x2.5x2.5 m modular construction. Therefore we construct the playground in 2 hours to wherever we want. We made the experience design using 200 mW green lasers. We connected the laser network to the circuit managed by Arduino Uno. We set security cams and set in some smoke to make the players work easier. Although it is fun for the players to play we've set a compelling parcour for them.

We set an automatic security system for 200mW lasers that may scratch the eye retina and may burn the skin. Whenever the player touches the lasers, the system turns off automatically, the lights are on and the alarms get activated. Players are expected to be speedy and nimble in a 3 min time period.

Good Luck!


Concept Development: Erdem Dilbaz (NERDWORKING) & Gökhan Okuyucu (HiPO)
Room Design: Tamer Abaşlıoğlu (HiPO)
Technical Design & Programing: Osman Koç
Technical Crew: Sergen Tertemiz & Doğuş Dilbaz
Experience Design: Ayşe Sökmen & Osman Koç
Project Cordinator: Saliha Yavuz
Documentation: Gökhan Tekin