performance video


We have got the action with Greenpeace for Japan and Turkish friends!

"It has been one month after the nuclear disaster in Japan and the radioactive leakage is still continuing. The situation in Japan is still risky and 200.000 people are under cancer risk due to radiation levels. Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of Energy Taner Yıldız are making statements which are underestimating this massive risk. The government is comparing these risks with being single and bottled gas and underestimating the intelligence of the people who will bare the cost of these risks.

The government must take the situation in Japan into consideration, quit their nuclear plans as soon possible and invest on renewable energies and energy efficiency. Join the action! Share the action! Stop Erdogan!"

Every image in the video has been produced in the performance period. Our real-time animation technique provides us highly interactive and effective possibilities to draw and to move the images. We use Arduino / TagTool / PS2 Gamepad / DIY Controller / Graphic Tablet. One of us draws and releases what he creates and other one moves the item for all axis and rotates any direction.


Project Management & Live Animation Controller:
Erdem Dilbaz

Story & Visuals:
Gökhan Okur (

Project Coordination:
Elif Demirci, Bilge Öztürk

Volkan Çagalı

Orbital - The Girl With the Sun in Her Head (was recorded on a Greenpeace bus using only solar power.)