GATE | Interactive Architectural Installation

performance video


GATE is a public interactive pavilion designed by Alper Derinbogaz and engineered by Ceyhun Derinbogaz. GATE is able to reconfigure itself in response to human stimuli.
It is designed as an interstellar door opening to a parallel universe. This teleport experience is based on a simple perception rule: movement is referential. As you enter the gate you trigger an animation that is based on your motion inside the container. The "media space" starts moving with or against you, to distort your speed thus creating a time wrap illusion.
An interior LED screen is filtered twice to shape the light inside the space. The first layer is a white diffuser; the second layer is a parametrically patterned image of a forest visualized by linear cuts which has been fabricated by CNC.
Beyond the existing GATE_lab interaction it is an infrastructure. It is a evolving project. Gate's behavior will be improving every week to support the new forms of collective intelligence in a number of different fields including architecture, software and interaction design, gaming and more.

You can participate the GATE_lab project at three categories:

1-Interactivity design: You can program a new interaction using the existing infrastructure (a kinect camera + processing software + 24x43 led panel).

2-Visual design: You can design a new motion visual using the existing interactivity algorithm at 24x43 resolution.

3-Use of space: You can make a proposal for a new use of space which can be a performance or an installation. (your proposal should not damage the existing infrastructure)
Please email your proposal us at


Executive Producer: NERDWORKING
Concept & Design: Alper Derinboğaz
Engineering: Ceyhun Derinboğaz

Pattern Scripting: Oğuz Bal
Visuals: Candaş Şişman / Ilgı Çandar / Sena İzgi
Parametric Modeling: Melis Eyüboğlu

Detail Design: Frederik de Smedt
Documentation: Volkan Cagalı