BrainRace | Brain Controlled Car Race

performance video


The greatest opportunity given by new media; is the development of new devices that gives people the possibility to express their feelings. Alternative systems, interfaces and mechanics are being developed for ideas that we share and set in motion with our bodies. Cameras, EEG devices, chips, cards (boards), etc. provides us to release unique products.
Techno-sociological developments like invisibility expected from history, control with power of thinking, remote controlled artificial intelligences showed up ahead of time. Medical certificated EEG devices are on the market with purchasable prices and also can be hacked. Our latest game BrainRace is a 2 player game formed by 2 EEG devices connected to the racing track and can be controlled by power of thinking. With the monitors shared with the players can be seen by the audience. First they experience the warm up period that the players discover their intensity of concentration. And then the game begins when two players are ready.

Every player concentrates on different stuff. Some people count the Fibonacci numbers, some thump out and some of them read a poem. We offered this fascinating game at Rock'n Coke for the first time. It became the center of attention, caused fun scenes and gave us the chance to meet new people. We will be releasing new games at 2014, stay in touch!


Concept Development: Erdem Dilbaz & Osman Koç
Technical Design & Programming: Osman Koç
Project Co-ordinators: Erdem Dilbaz & Saliha Yavuz
Techical Crew: Osman Koç & Doğuş Dilbaz
Documentation: Gökhan Tekin

Music - Adamjamescuz - Prowl